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Voice Recorder For Dolls

This voice Recorder For Dolls comes with 2 pack of 30 heart voice sound module, it work with plush toy Dolls and will record voice and any noises.

Toys With Voice Recorder

This toy is a practical substitute to keep your toy box filled with toy gifts For your customers! You can also make a voice message to them and have them know that you are available to chat with them about their toy shopping! This toy is facile to build and is dandy For customer service! This voice Recorder For Dolls is unequaled For learning how to make 30 s button sounds! You can play the game or listen to the voice Recorder to learn basic sounds like how to make an 30 s button, this voice Recorder is dandy For recording sound in the 30 it fits perfectly For a doll and can be used with music and music games. The voice Recorder For Dolls is excellent For making voice recordings of toy-related moments in the past or For sharing music hearth by simply name the Recorder and provide the model and type of doll, this first-rate accessory For the Dolls can help you to create a voice recordable toy.